TNI Users

This mode is used to control user access in TNI.

You can create many individual users and assign them certain groups of privileges, which will set the rights to operate with a particular mode.

Getting started

Before you begin, make sure that the PostgreSQL database is installed.

Go to TNI Users mode and create a new user. If necessary, activate this mode in the display settings.

The TNI Users mode already contains a built-in administrator account created when creating a multi-user storage. If necessary, this account can be deleted after logging in using another created account with TNI Administrator privileges or after logging in using a Database Administrator account.

Adding a user

Create a new TNI user by pressing the corresponding button

Fill in the required fields with the new user’s data in the window opened:

Alias – user name displayed in the program;

Username – account name that will be used to log in;

The login must begin with a letter and contain Latin letters, numbers or the symbol “_”

Password — password for the user account being entered;

Note – field for entering additional information about the TNI user;

Privilege group — menu for creating, editing, and selecting groups with a saved combination of allowed operating modes and operations with TNI.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions for expanding the management of permitted TNI privileges.


TNI Users mode will not be available if a single user storage was created previously. To manage user’s privileges ensure that PostgreSQL database was installed and configured.

All information about users and their access privileges is stored in the database and is distributed to all multi-user storages that can be created separately. The TNI administrator only needs to provide permission to log into the new multi-user storage.

It is not possible to implement or set rights and privilege restrictions for the Administrators group.

Only administrators can have access to the TNI Users mode.