Template management

Your table templates can be found on the Sidebar in Custom templates.

The Edit buttonwill appear if you hover over any of the created templates. Clickor open the context menu to access the other actions:

  • Add to Pinned pins the selected template to the top of the Sidebar;
  • Schedule allows to quickly start creating a new scheduled task for the selected template;
  • Copy and edit creates a copy of the template and opens it in the editor;
    This action is also available for standard templates and allows you to quickly create your own template based on a preset.
  • Edit templateopens the template in the editor;
  • Delete removes the template from the Sidebar;
  • Export opens the Explorer window where you must specify the directory to export the template to.

Using templates built by the other users

TNI stores table templates as files with the .table-template extension. In order to move a template to another copy of TNI, export the template file specifying the target directory. In the other TNI copy, clickor right-click on the header of the Custom templates menu and import the template file: