Table reports

The Table reports mode is activated by clicking the corresponding tab above the main area or by pressing Ctrl + 3. In this mode, you can build a table report that contains only the information you need.

To build a report:

  1. Select one or several assets in the Network tree;
  2. Pick one of the report templates from the Sidebar.

To build a report on all computers in the Storage, select the root node of the Network tree.

TNI has a number of standard report templates, but you can create your own template by clicking the New template button on the Sidebar.

A separate editor is used for creating and modifying templates. To learn how to use this tool, see the Creating a template section.

Working with a built report

Multi-column sorting

Beside the regular sorting by way of clicking on a column header, the tables in TNI can be sorted by many columns at once. Just sort by one column, then click another column header while holding Ctrl. The arrows in column headers show their sorting directions. The numbers appearing beside the arrows show the sequence in which the columns sort the report. You can sort by up to nine columns simultaneously.

Changing the column order and visibility

You can change the order of columns by dragging their headers.

You can hide and show columns using the context menu of the column headers.

Searching and filtering

To initiate a search, click the search field at the top of the main area or press Ctrl + F. The search will be performed instantly as you type.

When the Filter checkbox below the search bar is ticked, all fields and groups that do not contain the search string will be hidden.

Use up and down arrow keys to be forwarded to the next and previous results of the search.

Exporting and copying

To export or copy the table, use the context menu or buttons to the right of the search field. The report can be exported to text, CSV, HTML, or XLSX.

It’s better to export or copy the report in CSV format if you’re planning to import it into the spreadsheet processor.


To build a printable table report, click Printable reports in the upper right corner of the main area. Printable reports can be exported to text, PDF, RTF, HTML, and ODT.

Printable reports preserve the arrangement, visibility, and sorting by columns, as well as line filtering.

Scheduling reports

All standard and custom report templates can be scheduled by creating a corresponding task in the Scheduler. All reports will be built according to the specified templates and contain only the necessary information to be displayed at the specified time.

Additionally, there is a quick creation scheduled task button  available in the Table reports tab. When you click it, you will be offered to create a task in the scheduler according to the current settings in the Table reports.