Scanning other network assets


Many network assets are not covered by the SMB/RPC/SSH protocols. These are the assets that either don’t run Windows or Unix-based operating systems, or run unsupported systems, or run simple Unix-based systems without the SSH interface. These could include network printers, managed switches, routers, xDSL modems, IP phones, wireless access points, etc. Most often these devices support SNMP, and in such cases they can be scanned by TNI.

Scanning SNMP devices

TNI considers any devices that could not been scanned via other protocols as potentially SNMP-compatible, therefore, it tries to scan them using SNMP, if it’s allowed by the scanner settings. By default, when the Common communities is specified, it tries several well-known communities until it succeeds:
  • admin
  • cisco
  • mngt
  • private
  • public
  • guest
  • snmpd
TNI also allows you to collect all available device information using the snmpwalk command. To do this, activate the option “Enable full SNMP scan” in the SNMP settings.