Licensing software installations

Assigning licenses to new installations

Select a license in the main list and go to the Installations page of the Details panel.For a newly-created license, the list of licensed copies is empty. On the left, click Unlicensed to display all installations without the license of the affected software.

Select one or more non-license installations in the list and click theUnlicensed button and in the drop-down menu in the Set license section, select the license to which the installations will be attached or create a new license for the selected software. The search field at the top right of the details panel will make it easier to find installations.

Managing installations under a license

Select a license in the main list and go to the Installations page of the Details panel. You can manage licenses and track the status of licensed installations using the Status column.

The information on this page depends on the way you have set up the licensing rules. The illustration shows one of the possible cases. You can see that the first key has problems, while the second and fourth are identical and have a Wrong Key notification.

The Wrong Key status means that this installation was bound to a license, but the specified key was not added to it. In order to correct the status you can add a key to the license through the drop-down menu in the status field, add the key in the License Properties, or replace it.

Note that TNI considers two of the five installations to be Compliant and the first installations Noncompliant. If you know that this is not the case, then you can change this using the status toggles that are available for this type of notification. Click on the red switch to turn it green and the key will be labeled as Compliant. Click the switch on the licensed installation again to the previous status.

If for any reason an installation should be considered as Noncompliant regardless of the fact that it does not violate licensing rules, then you can simply switch it to red, leaving it with the appropriate status. In this case, the result of the actions performed will affect the overall licensing status of this license and the software.

An additional menu opposite the key in the License key column will allow you to change the current key to the required one. When you hover over the license key, an auxiliary tooltip will appear with the full display of the key.

Managing licensed installations for a software item

On the Software accounting screen, select one software item and go to the Licensing page in the Details panel. From here, you can create and manage licenses, assign installations to them, etc.

If a software item has a license attached, then by default all installations are expected to be assigned to it and to comply with its licensing rules. Any installation not assigned to a license is considered Unlicensed and is displayed as problematic. But there might be instances where you would like these to be green. In that case, just tick the Consider compliant checkbox in the header of the Unlicensed group.


If a PC scan detects a new software installation that already belongs to an existing software group, and in which keys and licenses have already been added to each licensed installation, then the new installation will be added to the Unlicensed section and marked as problematic. The Compliant status for the entire software group will also be changed to Problem status.

You can create or assign a license to an unlicensed piece of software at any time using the additional menu in the Status column.