Printable reports

To switch to the Print preview, click Printable reports in the upper-right corner of the main area.

The Print preview toolbar will appear. Printable pages of the report on currently selected assets and categories will be displayed in the main area.

Close the print preview (the on the right edge of the toolbar) to return to the normal mode.

You don’t have to close the print preview to build another printable report. Simply work in this mode as you would in the normal mode. Selecting assets and categories will update the printable version automatically.

Types of printable reports

There are two types of printable reports:

  • Full printable report
    This report contains all the information displayed in the viewer. All titles, values, and structures of fields remain the same.
  • Brief printable report
    This report contains only the most significant information on each of the selected categories. It’s presented as a table, which makes it more space-efficient compared to the full report. This report is great for making short overviews that will fit on a few pages.

To switch type, use the toolbar buttons Brief and Full.

Zooming and changing the paper format

The Paper format drop-down menu is used to set the paper size and text orientation.

Scale controls are used to zoom the preview in or out.

To initiate a search, click the search field at the top of the main area or press Ctrl + F. The search will be performed instantly as you type.

To highlight the next match, click the Next result arrow button or press the down arrow key on the keyboard.

The arrow buttons Next Previous result on the right side of the search field enable fast browsing in the search results. The same result is achieved by pressing the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard.

Customizing printable reports

Click Reports options to open the TNI options window on the Reports page.

The company title and logo, printed in the header, can be set as well. See Storage properties.

Printing and exporting

Click the Print button on the right side of the toolbar.

To save the report to a file, use the Export button. You can choose from PDF, TXT, HTML, RTF, and ODT formats in its drop-down menu. Clicking the button itself initiates an export to PDF.