Additional features

Custom information

When you select a device or a group of nodes in the main area of the program, all information on Special fields is displayed: containing data on Common and Special fields.

This section can also contain information about operating SNMP fields from the SNMP tree.

If full data is collected from SNMP devices in your network (the “Full SNMP scan” option is active in the TNI settings), then from the “Viewer and Reports” mode in the SNMP Tree section, you can quickly create a Common SNMP field via the context menu on the selected report line.

After that, all the data collected by this OID will be automatically copied to the Common fields of SNMP devices, and in the Custom Information mode, you can quickly and conveniently browse a device.

You can add, edit, and delete common fields on the Custom Fields page.


In the on-screen reports mode, when you select the Barcodes mode, all information on a group of devices or an individual device containing barcodes is displayed.

The information contained in the barcode itself is displayed below it. In this mode, you can quickly view all barcodes if they are available and assigned to devices.

Adding, changing, or deleting barcodes is available in the Barcode management section.

User information overview

If a single network node is selected, the name of the user assigned to the node will appear in place of the Users category in the Sidebar. Expand it via thebutton to the right and the user’s image, full name and contacts will be displayed:

Clicking on one of the contacts will copy it to the clipboard (if it’s an email address, the email client will be opened).

The Edit user button activates the Edit / Users mode, where you can edit user information or assign another user to the computer. For more details on this mode, see Users.

Viewing and adding notes

A text note can be added to each asset.

To do this:

  1. Select a single asset;
  2. Click the Add note button;
  3. Enter text;
  4. Press Ctrl + Enter or click the Save button under the input field.

To edit, delete or copy the contents of a note to the clipboard, use the corresponding buttons. You can also initiate note editing by double-clicking it. An alternative way of deleting a note is by clearing its contents.

Learn to use notes more efficiently, display them next to assets in the Network tree, and filter computers by the note contents: about Storage assistants.

Another way to add a note is via the Network node properties screen.