License management

The licensing model in TNI

License is a separate entity within TNI.

To keep track of licensed software, create a license, connect it to a software item and assign it to separate installations. You can also set up rules for each license to use in order to determine compliance status of these installations.

License key is another entity within a license. Creation of license keys allows for easy management, simple visual representation of all connections and detection of new licensed installations on the fly.

TNI does not provide support for fixed licensing models due to a large variety thereof. What TNI provides instead are the uniform tools that help to fit the rules of any specific license to most real-life situations.

The License management screen

To access the License management screen, click the Licenses tab or click Ctrl+5.

This screen provides the tools for creating and managing software license assets, setting up licensing rules and keeping track of the licensing status of your software.

  1. The main list of licenses
  2. The list of licensed software
  3. The Details panel