Viewing information

After one or several assets in the Network tree and the report categories have been selected, information about the assets will be displayed in the main area.


You can select lines in the report in a normal way, use the mouse or keyboard keys Shift and Ctrl.

To easily select a group of fields, click its header.

To select the whole report, press Ctrl + A or use the Select all option from the context menu.

When using the context menu options, only the selected lines are affected.

When using the Copy and Export buttons in the upper right part of the main area, all displayed information is copied or saved whether it’s selected or not.


Information can be copied in several ways:

  1. Copy as text
    Group titles, field names and values are copied. Nesting levels will be indicated by tabulation characters in the beginning of each line. The same character separates field titles from values.
    This method is used for copying by default. This is also the way information is copied when you press Ctrl + C.
  2. Copy as CSV
    CSV (Comma-separated Values) is a text format that is convenient for storing structured information.
  3. Copy values only
    Field names and group titles will not be copied.


You can save the selected lines or the whole report to a text or CSV file by using the Export menu or the context menu options.

To save to PDF, HTML, RTF, and ODT formats, build a printable report and export it.

Searching and filtering

To initiate a search, click the search field at the top of the main area or press Ctrl + F. The search will be performed instantly as you type.

When the Filter checkbox below the search bar is ticked, all fields and groups that do not contain the search string will be hidden.

The arrow buttons Next Previous result on the right side of the search field enable fast browsing in the search results. The same result is achieved by pressing the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard.