Licensing FAQ

Choosing a license

Q: What does a node mean in Total Network Inventory licenses?
A: A node is a network device that can be scanned by the program. This could be a Windows computer, Mac, network printer, or router.

  • You can find the list of supported devices in this section of the documentation.
  • If the network device is not supported for scanning, the program will be able to detect it, but such a device will not affect the license counter.

Q: How do I choose the right license for my company?
A: The choice of a license depends on the number of network devices you want to scan, as well as the type of license you need:

  • The number of license nodes must cover the total number of unique network devices on your company’s networks that you want to scan. If there are more successfully scanned devices than provided by the license, then the “extra” devices will be hidden from the storage, and you will see a notification in the network tree.
  • The Professional version includes advanced Software Asset Management functions (software licenses and keys management and tracking). It also includes the Network map module and the Sensors mode, which allows collecting data from the hardware sensors and providing information in reports.
    The Standard version does not include these features.

Licensing details

Q: Is the license purchase a one-time purchase or is it a subscription?

A: The license itself is a one-time purchase, with access to all updates released during the next 365 days.

Q: If the purchase of a license is one-time, then what is the renewal for?
A: When you purchase a TNI license, you get one year of free updates. After that, you may continue to use the last version available to you, or renew your license to get new updates (not mandatory). The cost of renewal for one year is 30% of the license price at the time of renewal.

Q: How many copies of Total Network Inventory can be activated with one license key within our organization?
A: The number of installations with the same license key within the same organization is not limited for any type of license. However, the total number of computers and network devices inventoried by all installations must not exceed the licensed number. You can find more detailed information in the license agreement.

Q: How much does technical support cost? Is it time limited?
A: Technical support is lifetime and completely free (regardless of the license type or the number of nodes).

License renewal and upgrade

Q: My update period has expired. How do I purchase a license renewal?

A: There are several ways to purchase a license renewal:

  1. From the main menu in TNI: select Help — Renew license.
  2. On our website: complete this form to submit your renewal request.
  3. By writing to us: send us a message at We will send a link to purchase the renewal.

Q: Will the license renewal price change if I do not want to renew it immediately after the expiration?
A: We do not want you to feel pressured or worried about license expiration dates. If the regional prices for your license do not change, the renewal cost will always be the same.

Q: If I purchase a license for a smaller number of devices, what are the conditions for future license upgrades?
A: We offer lenient conditions for a license upgrade:

  1. You can increase the number of nodes or upgrade the Standard version of the program to Professional at any time.
  2. You do not overpay when you upgrade your license. You pay the difference in cost between the current and target license.
  3. The license upgrade includes renewal for one year of program updates.

Trial period extension

Q: Can I extend the trial license period or request a trial license without limitations? A: Yes, in most cases it is possible. We consider each request individually and try to accommodate our users. Please fill out this form on the website or send us a message at