Creating a license

The easiest way to create a license is to use the corresponding button in the upper left corner.

A window will appear:

Name the license and use the search field or the list to find the software item to attach the license to, then click Select next to its title. In some cases, the software will be selected automatically.

Fill in the license properties. The most important are the Keys are mandatory/optional switch and the number of activations.

When the setting is Keys are mandatory, the number of copies that a single key activates needs to be specified. The most common scenarios are:

  • Several keys, each activating one installation;
  • One key that activates several installations (a.k.a. Volume License Key, VLK).

However, you’re free to create a license with several volume keys or just one single activation key. Any combination will work.

In this mode, a software copy is considered non-compliant if it’s not assigned a valid key that belongs to its license.

Copy the license keys into the License keys field, each key on a separate line. You will be able to add or remove keys later, either by editing this list or by manipulating key entities directly.

When the setting is Keys are optional, the total number of activations the license allows needs to be specified. License keys will be ignored. A software installation is considered non-compliant if the activation limit of the license is exceeded.

In any mode, click the activations field to see the ∞ (infinity) button. By setting the activation number to infinity, an unlimited capacity license is created.

In any mode, set the activations to 0 to create a pirate license. Use these to track unwanted installations. You may also store known pirate license keys in them.

You can assign several different licenses to a single software item.

If the Don`t warn about license expiration option is enabled, the expiring or expired license (if the corresponding field is filled) will be displayed in the list of licenses with the Complaint status and will not be marked with a yellow or red notification as problematic.
Example: The option will be convenient for licenses for software elements that have been purchased, but after a certain time some functionality becomes unavailable (updates, technical support, etc.) and it is desirable to purchase renewals. However, this software can continue to be used further.

Adding a license key

You can bind keys to a license by copying them into the edit form, which opens by clicking on the Add key button in the upper right corner of the “Create license” / “Change license” forms

When clicking on the additional menu of the Add key button, you can add both a single key and several. By clicking directly on the Add key button, the license key field opens, allowing you to edit the data immediately.

You can quickly edit a key by double-clicking on it.

Hovering the cursor over the key field, you can use a quick view of multi-line or long (partially hidden) keys.

If you select the Add multiple keys option, an additional window will appear.

Copy keys into the field, pointing each key to a separate string. Copy the keys into the field, specifying the key separator character(s). Character separation can be useful when you copy keys from text files.

Using the additional information panel, you can also add or remove keys, edit their list, or assign others.

You can also add new licenses from the Details panel in the Software accounting mode and from the details panel of the Unattached keys mode.

Deleting a license key

To delete a license key, go to the license properties by selecting a license from the list and select the appropriate item in the context menu, or double-click on the license. You can also go to the license properties from the additional information panel by clicking on theicon. Then select the required key and remove it using the options menunext to the license key. The key will be marked for deletion as a crossed key. In case, if the key was chosen mistakenly, simply cancel the operation.

After the changes are made and the settings are saved, the key will be deleted completely and cannot be restored.