General plain-text export

Throughout the Software accounting tab, you can select data in any mode and right-click to access the copy/export menu (or press Ctrl + C):

Export to plain text and CSV is available in the details panel:

This results in creating easy-to-process plaintext tables of data. The feature is available in:

  • the main software list;
  • the main list of licenses;
  • the list of software installations;
  • the list of licensed installations;
  • the list of new licensed installations and other sections.

Quick Export to XLSX (MS Excel) is available from the copy/export buttons next to the main search bar.

Advanced software/license reports

TNI has a pre-installed list of report templates and a Software/Licenses Report Builder located on the sidebar to create advanced reports covering user-defined items.

  1. Main software list
  2. List of licenses. An extended table report will be built for the software elements selected in it
  3. Sidebar with report templates and report builder
  4. Details panel with expanded software/licenses table report.

The network tree and sidebar can be temporarily hidden to increase the overall area. Use the Hide/Show network tree  and Hide/Show sidebar  buttons located to the left and right of the tabs above the toolbar.

The detail panel orientation switch  is located near theFilters menu and serves to display the panel vertically or horizontally. The switch is active only in the full-screen mode. If the vertical display is selected, TNI will display the panel horizontally when minimized to windowed mode. When you return to full-screen mode, the vertical display will be restored.