Searching in the Network tree

To start searching in the Storage, click the search field on the Network tree toolbar or press Ctrl + Shift + F.

Matching text is instantly highlighted as you type:

Both node names and additional fields are searched. See the Information display settings for details.

By default, the contents of the Network tree are filtered to only display the nodes that match the query, and the rest is hidden. You can disable this feature by clicking the Filter button to the left of the search input field. In this case, all nodes will remain visible while the ones matching the query will be highlighted in orange.

You can use the up and down arrow keys when the search field is in focus to navigate the nodes. Pressing Enter opens the selected node in the main area.

Searching using an assistant

Search in the network tree can also be performed by adding a special Node Search assistant. After that, you can enable or disable the filtering of nodes by the specified search string, perform a new search based on the results of the saved one, etc. More information about the capabilities of assistants and how to work with them can be found in Storage assistants.

An example of using the Node search assistant

Let’s imagine that inventory numbers of developer workstations in the Storage are prefixed with DEV_. We can quickly put together a simple tool for switching the Storage from showing all assets to showing only developer workstations. All it takes is setting the Additional field to Inventory numbers and creating a search assistant for the DEV_ string. Now if we want to see developer workstations, all we have to do is turn the filtering on for the newly-created assistant.

As with all added assistants, the Node search assistant is not deleted when TNI is closed. After saving a search once, you can use it as long as you need, temporarily disable it or remove it at any time.