Feedback and support

Please contact us if:

  • You’ve found a bug in our program — we’ll fix it!
  • You’d like to see new functions added — describe the situations they can help you in.
  • You dislike something about our program — tell us how to improve it.
  • You like something about our program — it’s important for us to know, what exactly!
  • You have any technical or financial questions — our answers will be fast, polite, and clear.

Your feedback is very important to us, your comments define the ways we improve our software. We’d be grateful for any message!

Sending feedback from the software

The Feedback button in the top right corner of TNI’s window opens the quick feedback form.

Don’t forget to include your name and email address — otherwise we won’t be able to reply to you.

The support page on the Softinventive Lab website


E-mail support

Technical support:
General questions:
Financial questions:

Online support

You can rely on our assistance whenever you need it. Our technicians can be contacted via instant messengers.

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