A new configuration snapshot is created following each successful scan. Each snapshot contains information about the state of hardware and software on the asset at the moment of scanning.

To switch to the view of all snapshots, go to the last tab of the program and select the sub-mode Snapshots on the sidebar

Viewing snapshot contents

Information collected at different times can be viewed in the Common reports mode. Use the snapshot list at the top of the main area to browse different snapshots.

The other modes display information from the newest snapshot.

Snapshot auto-deletion policy

Generally, any number of snapshots can be stored for each asset.

In the Scanner settings (for new storages) or in the Storage properties (for the current Network storage), you can do the following:

  • Limit the number of stored snapshots: old snapshots will be deleted when the new ones are created;
  • Specify maximum snapshot age: all snapshots older than the specified number of days will be automatically deleted;
  • Make the oldest snapshot exempt from automatic deletion.

The newest snapshot will never be automatically deleted.

Deleting snapshots manually

To manage snapshots, switch to the Edit mode and select the Snapshots page.

Snapshots in the main area can be grouped in two different ways: by assets or by date. To switch between them, click one of the buttons at the top of the main area. Click the same button again to reverse the sorting order.

When hovering the mouse cursor over an asset, date, or snapshot, a little arrow button appears. Click it to display the pop-up menu for deleting snapshots.

When hovering over the menu commands, the snapshots to be deleted are highlighted in red.