Report builder

TNI includes a Software and License Report Builder for creating advanced custom reports covering user-defined items. This fabricator is available in the Software Accounting and Licenses tabs (Professional version) of TNI.

All operations with reporting are performed using the side panel.

Creating a report

To build a report by Software items or Licenses follow these steps:

  1. Select the item(s) from the Software or Licenses list.
  2. Select a predefined template from the Standard list on the sidebar, according to which the report will be built.
  3. Get the data in the details panel with an expanded table report on Software or Licenses.

Creating templates

To create your own report template for Software Accounting and License modes, click the New Template button on the sidebar. The Report Constructor will be opened.

You can also use the Copy and Modify option that appears when you click the More Actions menu in any standard template in the sidebar list.

  1. Object of report
  2. List of available fields
  3. List of selected fields, which will be displayed in the report
  4. Condition builder
  5. When applied, the report will be generated only for the devices selected in the network tree. If the option is inactive, the report will be generated for all storage assets.

The functionality of the constructor is completely similar to the Table reports builder.

Template management

The report templates created for Software Accounting and Licenses are considered Custom and placed on the sidebar.

By hovering over any of the previously created templates, you can see an edit button. Using the context menu or clicking on the other actions menu, the following actions will be available:

  • Add to pinned— pins the selected templates on the sidebar. The pinned templates are placed at the top of the sidebar;
  • Copy and edit — creates a copy of the selected template and opens it in the editor;
    This option is also available for standard templates. This can be convenient for creating your own template based on a standard template.
  • Edit template— opens the selected template in the editor;
  • Delete— removes the selected custom template;
  • Export — opens an explorer window in which you must specify the directory where the template will be exported.

Export and print a report

After building a report, you can print or export it using the corresponding buttons on the details panel.

The following export formats are available:

  • Plain text
  • Rich text, RTF
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • Open document file, ODF
  • MS Excel file, XLSX