Viewing details

Details Panel

Select one or more software items in the Software List to view them in the Details Panel.


The Details panel opened in the Installation mode displays a complete list of installations of the selected software elements. The columns on the panel contain the following information:

  • Software — the name of the software item selected;
  • Computer — device, where a software element was discovered;
  • Date installed — shows the software item date installation;
  • Added to storage — shows the date of discovery by TNI;
  • Comment — you can add an arbitrary comment to any installation of any software.

The text displayed in the Computer column is the same as in the Network tree. Use the Network tree display menu to change it.

The search bar allows to find installations by computer or by previously added comment.

Click On selected computers and make a selection in the Network tree to narrow down the installations list. Click All installations to clear the filter.

You can select any number of rows and press Ctrl + C to copy them in plaintext format.

Click Installations summary for a quick printable report on all displayed installations.

Additional Features of the Details Panel

To quickly find information about the selected software item, click the Search Google  icon at the top right.

If the publisher has specified an application website , a link to it will appear to the right of the software item in the details panel. Hovering over the icon will display the URL of the website.

Clicking on the Rescan option will immediately create a scan task for all devices displayed in the details panel with the selected software element.