Data transfer

The module is required to create and manage data transfer methods that send and receive various information. Data transfer methods are used when setting up a resident agent, as well as when executing scheduler tasks.


Creating a data transfer method

The mode is located in the last tab of TNI and can be moved to the top panel, if necessary.

Click Add data transfer method and select the required protocol in the window that opens and configure the method.

Select one of the data transfer protocols that can be used to send reports: SMB, FTP, SFTP, SMTP, HTTP/HTTPS, or SCP. Fill in your settings for the selected protocol.

For FTP protocol:

  • When the FTP proxy is enabled, encryption (i.e. TLS) will not be used, even if the URL

    is an FTPS address.

  • When using FTPS, the agent attempts to use encryption for both the control connection (command channel) and the data connection (data channel). With some servers, this does not work, and then subsequent attempts to send are made only with the control connection encrypted.

For both the SMTP data transfer method and FTP, there is currently no option to turn on mandatory encryption. If the server does not support the TLS selected in the settings, then the transmission continues over an open channel.

Using the context menu on any of the data transfer methods, select the required action.

When exporting, the information is entered into a file with the *.dtef extension. The settings import operation comes from the corresponding file.


There are some limitations when creating/adding data transfer methods:

  1. The SMTP data transfer method can only be used to send data: send agent scan results and/or reports.

  2. HTTP/HTTPS is only used to receive data. Used to update the resident agent.

Data transfer examples

There are several recipients in the SMTP data transfer method can be added. For instance:,

Pay attention
The “Mail text” field must be filled out.