Operations with map nodes

Most of the operations that can be performed on devices and groups in the network tree can also be performed on the network map using the context menu:

  • Select in the tree: assets selected on the map will be selected for processing in the network tree. If more than one asset is selected, the Multiple selection mode is activated.
  • Highlight links: highlights all links for the selected assets and groups.
  • Actions: allows you to edit or perform Actions on the network nodes.
  • Rescan: adds selected nodes to the Scanner.
  • Ping: checks the online status of the selected devices (may be useful when automatic checks are disabled).
  • Show in Explorer: allows to quickly locate the directory or file of the selected node in the Storage.
  • Details: selects the node in the Network tree and opens it in the Viewer & reports mode.
  • Properties: selects a node in the Network tree and opens its properties.
  • Storage properties: opens the properties of the current Storage (active only for the map node corresponding to the storage root).

When selecting more than one node, only some of these operations will be available in the context menu: those that can be performed on multiple nodes.

If shapes and images end up in the same selection, operations with nodes will not be hidden from the context menu.

If you delete a device from the network tree, then all its copies and links leading to it will also be deleted on all maps.

When manually merging two or more devices in the network tree, all placed copies of the merged objects are replaced by the node that was selected as the main node while merging, preserving all links.