Template management

Your table templates appear on the Sidebar in Custom templates.

Four buttons appear when you hover over a user template with your mouse:

  • Schedule a report with this template: adds the template to the Scheduler and opens the Options window where you can finish setting it up;
  • Edit: opens the template in the editor;
  • Copy: creates a copy of the template and opens it in the editor;
    This option is also available for the standard templates. It makes it easy to create your own template based on an existing one.
  • Delete.

Using templates built by the other users

TNI stores table templates as files with the .table-template extension in the Templates subfolder of the program settings folder ("{Path to Application Data or Program Data}\Total Network Inventory\Templates"). It can be opened automatically by clicking the Open templates folder link on the Sidebar when in the Table reports mode.
To use a template built by another user, copy its file to the Templates directory. The template will become available in the Table reports mode.


Total Network Inventory

Network inventory management system for use in offices, companies, small and large corporate networks.