Merging software items

Some software items may represent different versions of the same software. Having duplicate records for the same entity is not always convenient or acceptable (e.g. you can only link a license to a single software item, whereas in reality it could cover all versions of this software). In most cases, a publisher will fill the software info in such a way that a single item can be recognized with different versions in different installations. Merging is the tool designed to deal with other situations.

Select all versions of the software in the main list. Use search and filters to find them faster. To make a multiple selection, drag your mouse or use Shift-clicking and Ctrl-clicking.

In the Details panel, select Merge.

If necessary, enter the title and select the publisher from the drop-down list, check the list of versions again, tick the safety checkbox and click the Merge selected software button. This is what a merged software looks like in the main list: 

This feature is NOT a replacement for groups. Do not merge software by kind, by purpose, by publisher, etc. You can use tags in these cases. Only use merging for combining different versions of the same software into a single item.

You can later add new items to the merged software in the same way.

To remove an item, switch to the Merged tab and click the X next to the item you want to remove.

Click Unmerge to break up the merger.


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