Browsing, searching and filtering software

The Main software list displays every software item installed in your network.

The following information is displayed in the columns of the list:

Title & version: the name and publisher of each software item, as well as its platform: TNI analyzes both Windows and macOS software. Tags, comments and tracking status will also be displayed here.

Copies: the number of installations of each software item discovered in your network.

Licensing: compliance status for items that have licenses linked to them. Read about licensing in the License management section.

Searching software

Use the search bar on the top-right of the workspace or press Ctrl + F to activate instant search. Start entering a software item title or a publisher name to narrow down the list.

Filtering software

Available software filters can be found to the left of the list. To apply one of the filters, click it and select its mode from the menu:

  • OS filter: to display only the software made for a specific platform;
  • Licensing filter: to display only the software with a specific compliance status (see License management);
  • Tracking filter: to bring only the items that are tracked to attention, or only the ones that violate the tracking policy (see Tracking);
  • Asset filter: to display only the software that’s installed or not installed on one or a group of computers selected in the Network tree;

    In the Copies column's cells two numbers are displayed: X/Y, where X is the number of installations on selected computers and Y is the overall number of installations.

  • Tag filter: to display only the software with a specific tag (see the Inspecting a software item section to learn about tags);

Saved searches: to save frequently used search terms and quickly apply them to the software list; to add a search term, choose Add from the filter menu.

Choose a title for your saved search and enter the desired term. You can also choose to create a regular expression to find items that satisfy a complex condition. 

Active filters are highlighted in blue. To deactivate a filter, click it and choose No filter from the menu.

The list of publishers

Under the list of filters is the list of publishers. Next to each publisher is the number of software items released by them that are currently visible in the main list.

The list can be used as a publishers filter. Click a publisher title to narrow down the software list. Click Clear publishers filter to deactivate the filter.

You can select several publishers with your mouse and/or Ctrl and Shift keys. This could be useful when a single publisher is listed under several slightly different titles:

Use the search bar above the list to quickly find publishers.

You can pin an important publisher to the top of the list by hovering over an item and clicking the little pin icon to the left of it.

You may use all filters described above in any combination.

An indicator next to the screen selector displays the number of currently visible software items at all times.

Disabling software filters

Whenever a filter is applied to the software list, a filter deactivator appears below the list. All filters can be cleared at once as well.

Filters can also be deactivated from their respective menus.


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