General plain-text/CSV export

Throughout the Software accounting tab, you can select data in any mode and right-click to access the copy/export menu (or press Ctrl + C):

This results in creating easy-to-process plaintext tables of data. The feature is available in:

  • the main software list;
  • the main list of licenses;
  • the list of software installations;
  • the list of licensed installations;
  • the list of new licensed installations and other sections.

Quick Export to XLSX (MS Excel) is available from the copy/export buttons next to the main search bar.

Quick reports

You will find quick report links on most pages in the Details panel:

Use these to build instant reports ready to be printed and exported.

Advanced reports

TNI features a Software report builder for creating advanced customizable reports that cover user-specified items.

See Report builder.


Total Network Inventory

Network inventory management system for use in offices, companies, small and large corporate networks.