Sorting out auto-detected license keys

TNI will automatically detect licensed installations of certain software along with the corresponding license keys. After switching to the Licenses screen, you may see the following item at the top of the main area:

Click the item to display all detected licensed copies in the Details panel, sorted by software title and keys. From here, you can quickly find the installations you're interested in and create licenses for them (or select from the existing ones) by selecting from corresponding action menus.

If the same key is detected in several installations, the corresponding row may be expanded to display the list of computers.

Sometimes, identical license keys are found in installations of different software items. This may be an indicator that those items are different versions of the same software and should be merged. A special case hint will appear: click it and all suspected software items will be selected and you'll be offered to merge them before creating a common license.

Pressing New license for this software will bring up the license creation window.


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