Licensing software installations

Assigning licenses to new installations

Select a license in the main list and go to the Installations page of the Details panel.

For a newly-created license, the list of licensed copies is empty. On the left, click Installations without license to display all unlicensed installations of the affected software.

Click Add to this license next to each installation that belongs to this license (or select all needed installations and click once). You may also want to use the Computers & keys search field to find installations.

Managing installations under a license

Select a license in the main list and go to the Installations page of the Details panel. Click Installations under this license on the left to view the status of licensed copies. 

The information on this page depends on the way you've set up the licensing rules. The illustration shows one of the possible cases. You can see that the first key was used on four computers while the rules only allow for one activation per key. Thus, the remaining three copies are marked as being Over limit.

Note that TNI considers the first of the four copies to be Compliant. If you know that is incorrect, you can use status switches to change it. Click the green switch to turn it red: all copies will be Non-compliant, and all the red switches will be unlocked. Now click the switch on the legit installation to turn it green.

If, for any reason, you want a copy to be considered Non-compliant despite the fact that it does not violate the licensing rules, you can simply switch it to red and leave it that way. Your decision will affect the overall compliance status of the license and of the software item.

Managing licensed installations for a software item

On the Software screen, select one software item and go to the Licensing page in the Details panel. From here, you can create and manage licenses, assign installations to them, etc.

If a software item has a license attached, then, by default, all installations are expected to be assigned to it and to comply with its licensing rules. Any installation not assigned to a license is considered Unlicensed and is displayed as problematic. But there might be instances where you'd like these to be green. In that case, just tick the Consider compliant checkbox in the header of the Unlicensed group.


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