Editing a license

Select a license in the main list.

Editing the license properties

Click the Edit license button in the Details panel header to open the License editor window. This window is similar to the License creation window and lets you change the affected software item, modify licensing rules, specify the price, purchase and expiration dates for the license or edit assigned license keys in text mode.

Custom fields

You can add any information to a license by creating custom fields. In the Details panel, switch to the Custom fields page.

Among other available field types is the File attachment. You may attach any number of files to a license; the files will be copied into your Storage and archived, available later at any moment by accessing the Custom fields page.


The Comment page of the Details panel allows you to attach an arbitrary text to a license. This is a convenient place for the EULA in case you need to store it.

To remove a comment, erase all the text.

Deleting a license

To delete a license, select it in the main list and click Delete license in the Details panel. 

Before they're deleted, TNI will ask you if you want to copy the license keys.

License deletion is irreversible. Its rules, license keys, custom fields and attached files will be lost.


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