Network tree

The Network tree reflects the contents of the opened Storage.

Main elements:

  1. Network tree toolbar;
  2. The list of added assistants;
  3. Main area;
  4. Home icon that marks the computer running this copy of TNI;
  5. Additional text output;
  6. Indicator icons for assistants.

Below the tree is the status bar where several indicators can be found:

The first of them shows the license usage. It displays how many licensed spots are occupied by scanned assets, the total number of nodes that your license allows, and the usage percentage.
The second indicator shows the number of unscanned assets, and the third one shows the number of custom assets. These types of assets don't occupy license spots, so they are displayed separately. These indicators may be missing if there are no assets of the corresponding type in your Storage.


Total Network Inventory

Network inventory management system for use in offices, companies, small and large corporate networks.