Uninstallation process and its results

To start the uninstallation process, press the Start uninstallation button.


The progress of each task is displayed in the Status column.

The total progress is displayed in a separate progress bar.

To stop the uninstallation, click Cancel. TSD will not perform the remaining tasks in queue, but the current uninstallation process will finish.
To cease the current uninstallation process, click Halt. It may not stop immediately though.

It’s not necessary to monitor the uninstallation process. You can switch to another mode while uninstallation is being performed in background. The icon of the Uninstallation section will display the progress.

When the uninstallation is being performed, operations with the Network storage (closing, reloading, removing computers) are prohibited.

Uninstallation results

When the uninstallation is complete, you can see the result of each task in the main area.

If an error has occurred while performing the task, the information about the error will be displayed in the Status column.

Back to editing closes the uninstallation results.

Uninstallation log

When preparing for uninstallation and during the uninstallation process, information about the uninstallation status, possible errors, and alerts will be displayed in the Uninstallation log.

More information can be found in the Event logs section, subsection Uninstallation log.