Altering the Software storage structure

The Software tree allows to create, rename and delete software categories.

Creating a category

To Add a category, use the option from the context menu of either an existing category or the empty area in the Software tree.

Renaming a category

Click Rename in the context menu or select the category and press F2. Type the desired name and press Enter.

Adding software

To add one or more single-file installers, click the Add button in the Software tree toolbar or the Add installer(s) menu item in the button’s drop-down menu or in the context menu of the target category.

A dialog box will appear where you can select one or multiple installers. Click the Open button to add them.

To add a multi-file installer, select Add multifile installer in the Add button’s drop-down menu or in the context menu of the target category.

Specify the path to the installation file and the folder containing the whole multi-file installer in the dialog box:

After the software is added, a notification about the completion of the operation will appear in the tray. Clicking on the notification will open the first added program in the Software editor mode.

Because TSD works with administrator privileges, adding software by dragging and dropping the installer from Explorer is not possible in Windows Vista and newer versions due to the OS limitations.

Moving software to a category

When it’s necessary to move multiple programs, select them using either your mouse or keyboard Shift and Ctrl.

Perform one of the following operations:

  • Drag the selection using your mouse and drop onto the category title;
  • Right-click one of the selected nodes and use the context menu option Move to category.

Deleting software and categories

To delete one or several programs or categories, select them and press Delete on your keyboard or use the Delete option from the context menu.

Warning! Deleting software is an irreversible operation. All the data connected to the deleted software will be permanently lost. Consult the Contents of a software folder section to find out what exactly is being deleted. Deletion of a software category leads to all software contained within it being deleted as well.

The Storage folder structure does not replicate the structure of categories inside the Software storage tree. Therefore, creating, deleting, or renaming the files inside the Software storage folder is not advised and may lead to data loss or corruption.