Preparing for uninstallation

To create a list of uninstallation tasks, first build the list of software installed on computers.

To create uninstallation tasks, check the software that you want to uninstall in the list and click Add to uninstallation list. You can also select the software nodes with the mouse using keyboard keys Shift and Ctrl and drag & drop into the Uninstallation task list, or simply use double-click.

The counters to the right side of this panel will show how many programs are selected and how many computers will be affected by uninstallation.

TSD supports uninstallation of software that was installed using certain types of installers. Currently, TSD supports uninstallation of software that provides the quiet uninstall string in the registry, of all versions of the Microsoft Office suite, and of software that was installed using the following installer formats: MSIInnoSetupNSISSmart Install MakerExcelsior InstallerGhost InstallerInstallAwareWinRar Installer. The list of installers for which uninstallation is supported will be expanded in the future versions of TSD. Unsupported software nodes are grayed out and cannot be added to the Uninstallation task list.

Use the search in the List of installed software to add a specific program to the Uninstallation task list.

When remote computers are scanned for the first time, logins that successfully provided access are automatically assigned to them. TSD automatically uses these logins for uninstallation.