Network storage properties

Storage parameters

Storage name is its current title displayed in the Network tree and other places.
Company name and a Company logo are only used in TNI for printable reports.To add a logo:

  1. Prepare an image (JPEG, BMP, GIF or PNG). It’s advisable to have a logo of reasonably good quality and with a white background.
  2. Click Add and select the prepared file.
  3. Crop unnecessary parts of the image in the editor that appears.
  4. Click OK.

Use the buttons to the right of the logo to load another image or remove the logo.

Changes to the logo are applied instantly, and have no effect on the Apply changes and Undo buttons.

Storing settings

Settings governing the snapshot storing policy and criteria for distinguishing assets in the current Network storage.They allow to:
  • Limit the number of stored snapshots: old snapshots will be deleted when the new ones are created;
  • Specify maximum snapshot age: all snapshots older than the specified number of days will be automatically deleted;
  • Make the oldest snapshot exempt from automatic deletion;
  • Select the method of distinguishing assets.
The newest snapshot will never be automatically deleted.