Getting started

Adding new tasks

The Deployment desktop works with the software and computers that are added to the Software deployment list and the Deployment targets list, respectively.

Software deployment list

You can Add to Software deployment list from the individual software context menus, double-click the software node or select the software in the Software storage and drag & drop them into the Software deployment list.

It’s possible to add software categories as well. By adding a category you add all programs belonging to it.

You can access the editor for a particular recorded method from the Deployment section in the Software deployment list. To do that, click its icon while holding Ctrl.

Deployment targets list

You can Add to Deployment targets list from the individual context menus of network devices, double-click the device or select the devices in the Network storage and drag & drop them into the Deployment targets list.

You can also add groups of devices. Drag & drop the root group to add all devices.

Managing deployment lists

Deployment lists can be saved, deleted or cleared.

Saving a list

  1. To be able to use a list in the future, save it by clicking either Save software list or Save computers list. 
  2. Enter the title of the list and press Enter.
  3. To save the current list, simply click on the save button again.

To start a new list, select <New> from the drop-down list as shown on the screenshot below.

Deleting a list

To delete a list, select it from the drop-down list and click Remove software list or Remove computers list.

You can clear the software list or the computer list from the same toolbar or by right-clicking the empty area below the list and choosing Clear list.