Manipulating the tasks data

Saving and loading

To save a task list, click Save current tasks on the Sidebar. Once saved, a task list can be loaded and used at any time.

To load a previously saved task list, click on its title in the Saved tasks list.

When a task list is loaded, its tasks are appended to the tasks already in the Scanner. If you want to only load the saved tasks, clear the tasks in the Scanner before loading the list.

If you need to pass a task list on to another TSD user, you can find your saved lists as separate files in the Tasks subfolder of the program’s application data folder(“{Path to the Application Data folder}\Total Software Deployment\Tasks”). It can be accessed by clicking the Open tasks folder link on the sidebar in the Scanner mode.

Importing and exporting

Task lists can be exported to a file or imported from it.To export the current task list click Save tasks to file. You can choose between file extensions .task-list and .txt.To import a task list file, click Load tasks from file.

Manually creating a task list file

Sometimes it’s convenient to manually create a list of nodes that need to be scanned.

Using the Load tasks from file command, you can turn such a list into tasks for the TSD scanner.

In general, the task file in TSD is a simple text file where each line is a command that adds one task.

The simplest example of a valid task file is a list of IP addresses and network names, each in a separate line. However, the options are not limited to network names and IP addresses. You can find the full list of supported notations here.