Network diagram

The Network tree displays the contents of the currently opened Network storage.

The Network tree only displays the devices running on Microsoft Windows. Other devices are not displayed in the tree, and their presence in the Storage does not affect your license restriction.

Main elements:

  1. Network tree toolbar;
  2. Main area;
  3. Additional text output;
  4. Assistant information icons.

Below the Network tree is the status bar where several indicators are displayed:

The first of them shows the number of devices in the tree. The maximum number of these devices is limited by your license.

The second indicator shows the number of unsupported devices created in the Total Network Inventory (custom assets or devices with a non-Windows operating system). These devices exist in the storage but are hidden in the network tree.

The third indicator shows the number of unscanned devices.

The fourth one is the number of devices allowed by your license.

Because TSD works with administrator privileges, adding software by dragging and dropping the installer from Explorer is not possible in Windows Vista and newer versions due to the OS limitations.