List of installed software

To build a list of installed software for one or more network storage objects, select them in the network tree.

In some cases, the list will be rebuilt automatically in reaction to your actions. If the list is configured in several steps (for example, when selecting multiple computers one by one), it will not be updated automatically. To update the list manually after finishing the selection, press F5 or click the hint:

The obtained list will contain software name, version, installation date, publisher and install location.

To start searching the list, click the search field.

All columns are searched, and matching text is instantly highlighted as you type.

The search query can be formulated using logical ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ operations. For more on the various advanced search functions, see Searching the trees.

To search for software in the whole network storage, obtain the full list by selecting the root node.

List display settings

Above the list of installed software are its display settings.

Show only supported

When enabled, only the software with support for uninstallation using TSD will be displayed. When disabled, the unsupported software will be grayed out.

Group PC’s

Enables grouping by network nodes.
This mode can be useful when working with a selection of network storage assets, as it activates first-level sorting by associated computer. This allows to view the software installed on each computer separately sorted by name. When this option is disabled, the whole list is sorted by name only.

Preparing for uninstallation

To create uninstallation tasks, check the software that you want to uninstall in the list and click Add to uninstallation list. You can also select the software nodes with the mouse using keyboard keys Shift and Ctrl and drag & drop into the Uninstallation task list, or simply use double-click.

The counters to the right side of this panel will show how many programs are selected and how many computers will be affected by uninstallation.