Software storage

Storage guideline

In TSD, the Software storage is a folder on a computer selected by the user.
A separate folder is created for every software added.

The folder structure inside the Storage does not replicate the structure of the groups created by a user in the Software tree.

For the program to function correctly, do not delete, move or rename auxiliary hidden files in the Software storage root. This may lead to data loss or corruption.

Storage contents

Contents of auxiliary files

  1. Data on the structure and names of categories in the Software storage tree, titles of the software and additional installers contained in these categories, as well as data from installers and the software deployment history;
  2. Storage file backup;
  3. Data on the stored lists of deployed software.

Contents of a software folder (Soft*)

  1. The Installer folder containing the installer and the TSDUpdatesOfSoftware folder, which contains add-on installers;
  2. Icon files: Soft*.16.ico (16×16 pixels) and Soft*.64.ico (48×48 pixels);
  3. The Silent method’s script file Soft*.clr;
  4. The Macro method’s recording file Soft*.jhr;
  5. The System shot method’s recording files Soft*.pkg and Soft*.rsr;
  6. The Screenshots folder containing Macro method’s screenshots and the SmallImgs folder which contains thumbnail versions;
  7. The History folder containing the deployment history logs.

Folder contents vary depending on which particular methods have been recorded and whether software has been deployed.

Storage management

A copy of TSD is not linked to any particular Storage. This means that you can switch between Storages when the program is running.

Storage management is carried out from the Storage menu:

  • Create: select an empty folder on a computer and create an empty Storage there;
  • Open: select a folder containing a previously created Storage to work with;
  • Recent: contains a list of recently opened Storages, which allows to quickly switch between them;
  • Reload: reads the data from the computer again, if the changes made to the currently opened Storage have not been automatically registered by TSD;
  • Close: closes the Storage.

It’s possible to create a Storage in a shared folder and have several copies of TSD connected to it from different computers. Keep in mind that simultaneous access to the same Storage by different copies of TSD is not supported.

Data import

Importing of data is not supported by Software storage.