Scan process and results

The scanner control block is located at the top of the Sidebar.

It displays the current status of the scanner and additional command buttons. Certain buttons may appear or disappear depending on situation.

Editing the task list

When the tasks have been added and configured, click Start scan.

  • Looped scan: performs current tasks with specified frequency.
  • Set up scanner: opens the options window.
  • Clear all: removes all added tasks.


You can’t remove, disable, or configure scan tasks during scanning. All disabled tasks are hidden.
The Status column displays the progress of each task and its current state.

The overall scanning progress is displayed in the Sidebar.

Click Stop scan if you want to interrupt the scan process. This operation might take some time.

You don’t have to stop the scan process to add new tasks. Simply create new tasks during the scan: from the Quick Add field, by dragging assets into the scanner area or in any other way. They will be processed in turn.

You don’t have to monitor the scan process. You can freely switch to a different mode and work there while the scan is performed in the background. The icon in the Scanner tab displays the scan progress.

Scan results

When the scanning is done, the results of every task are displayed in the main area.
If an error has occurred while processing any of the tasks, you’ll see an error message in the Status column.
Names and statuses of tasks can be copied by selecting them and pressing Ctrl + C or via the context menu.

The Sidebar displays the overall scan result and some additional commands.

  • Back to editing: dismisses the scan results and returns to normal mode.
  • Clear finished: only leaves the tasks that have not finished with success for one reason or another. This allows to eliminate the causes of errors and run the scanner again without rescanning the tasks that finished with success.