Getting started

The software database must be connected to the Storage containing all the hardware assets you plan to involve in the software inventory process. Open your TNI Storage or create a new one and use the Scanner to fill it.

Switch to the Software accounting tab.

The database has not been created yet, so press the gear button on the Screen selector to switch to the Manage database screen.

Creating a database

Click Update software database, and the process of analyzing each asset in your Storage will start. A list of software will be retrieved from assets along with the discovered license keys. You only need to do this manually once. Subsequent changes to your Storage will be handled automatically.

Importing a database

If you've used Software asset management in earlier TNI versions, then TNI will detect the old database and prompt you to import data from it.

Click the Start import button. The list of available items will appear.

It contains important information (i.e. tags and license keys). Click Import next to each item that you want imported into the new database.


Total Network Inventory

Network inventory management system for use in offices, companies, small and large corporate networks.