Working with assistants

Adding assistants

Follow these steps to add an assistant:

  1. Click the Add Assistant button on the toolbar in the Network tree;
  2. Select the assistant type from the menu that appears;
  3. Set a condition.

Any number of assistants can be used at the same time.

The assistants are saved when TSD is closed.

Managing the added assistants

Newly added assistants appear in a separate area on the right side of the toolbar. 

What the Network tree toolbar looks like when the assistants have been added:

Every added assistant has several controls:

  • The switch button Indicator/Filter. If the icon is translucent, the assistant is in the Indicator mode; if the icon is opaque, the assistant is in the Filter mode. The Indicator mode enables the corresponding icon on the right of every network node. Hovering the mouse cursor over an icon reveals a hint with additional info. The Filter mode hides all assets that don't meet the assistant's condition.
  • The Remove assistant button. All assistant options can be accessed via the drop-down menu.

In case you can't find an asset that exists in the Storage, make sure it has not been filtered out by one of the active assistants.

The Filter and Indicator toggles cannot be enabled simultaneously.

By default, assistants are added as Indicators.