Description of assistants

There are 3 assistants in TSD: Online status, Operating system and Scan status.

Online status

TSD pings all the assets in the Storage once every several seconds, and this assistant is used to display the result in the Network tree.

In the Filter mode this assistant only shows the nodes with the specified status (online or offline).

Operating system

The Indicator displays the icon representing the installed OS and its version. The full title of the OS can be found in the hint.

The Filter hides all assets that run on a Windows OS version different from the one specified.

Scan status

The Indicator displays an icon that displays whether the scan has been completed successfully or not.

In the Filter mode the user chooses to display either the devices that were scanned successfully or the ones scanned unsuccessfully.

If you've got a suggestion for a new assistant type, feel free to send us a message! Use the main menu option Feedback / Feature request and tell us. Perhaps, next update you'll find your assistant in the program.