Remote management and mobile access

Browsers supported by Network Olympus can be used to access the application’s interface from devices on the local network.

Enter the IP address of the server where Network Olympus is installed, as well as the port number that was specified during the installation, into the address bar.

For example

Access from a smartphone

Android devices can access the Network Olympus interface without any issues.

Before connecting using an iOS device in secure mode (HTTPS), the following has to be taken into account. By default, a self-signed certificate is generated during the installation of Network Olympus. The OS recognizes this certificate as untrusted and blocks the connection.

There are two ways of solving this issue:

  • You can purchase your own web server certificate, or provide the one you already have.
    The application’s installer allows you to select your own certificates.
    If the application is already installed with a self-signed certificate, then replace the certificate files in \Network Olympus\Bin\Certs\
  • Install the default, self-signed certificate on the iOS device.
    The file is located in the following application subfolder: \Network Olympus\Bin\Certs\ca.cer
    It must be copied to the device and installed.

How to install the certificate

Upload the certificate to the device.
For example, send it by email.


Click Install and confirm again:

This results in a verified profile:


Now you need to make the certificate trusted.

How to make the certificate trusted:

Go to Settings General About Certificate Trust Settings :

Enable the installed certificate by tapping it and confirm:

cert_trust_4 (1)