Adding scan tasks

To initiate a scan, use the Scanner status widget.

The scan results are displayed in the Scanner log widget.

Scanner status

Scanner status allows you to quickly run scan tasks set up by you or automatically by the scanner at system startup.

Quick scan options are available in the widget’s main area.

The quick scan doesn’t require any additional configuration.

You can start one of the suggested scan tasks or all of them at the same time.

Clicking the Scan task allows you to add more tasks.

The widget displays the following information about each task in 4 columns:

  • summary (type, scan target and the default tag if the task is created automatically) – click to edit the task;
  • time of next run – click to add or edit the schedule;
  • number of successfully and unsuccessfully scanned devices – the totals for all tasks are displayed in the bottom panel;
  • current task status – click to view information about the last scan.

The search field and filters can be used to find scan tasks.
Filtering criteria include the origin of the task (default or custom) and the target type (IP range, domain or workgroup).

Adding custom tasks

You can create custom scan tasks:
  • for IP ranges;
  • for workgroups;
  • for Active Directory domains.
For this, click Scan task.For any task, you must specify the name of the network tree group where the scan results will be placed.

For domain tasks, authentication may be required.

You can also configure periodic scanning.
The way the scan scheduler works is described in detail in the corresponding section.