Authentication in Network Olympus is the process of verifying the identity of a user. It’s performed by requesting a login and password.

On the dashboard, it may be required for:

  • Logging into the Olympus system;
  • Network scanning;
  • Operation of sensors, actions and notifications.

Logging in

In order to log into the system, simply enter the login and password that were specified during the installation and press LOG IN or Enter on the keyboard.

If the checkbox is ticked, the system will remember the entered login and password, and you won’t need to enter them again.

Network scanning

When scanning the network, authentication may be required for Domain network groups.
Authentication data can be entered in the appropriate form by expanding the group options when adding a task in the Scanner wizard.

Authentication for sensors, actions and notifications

Authentication for any given sensor (action, notification) is made using the login of the device where this sensor (action, notification) is executed. You can assign a login to a device (or a group of devices) on the Credentials tab when editing or adding a new device (or group).

If the Inherit credentials option is selected, then the procedure of searching for logins towards the top of the network tree hierarchy will be used (i.e. the login of the parent group of devices will be taken). If the group has no logins assigned to it, then the higher group will be searched, and so on, up to the root node.

The default login option means using the login created by the system during the installation. Usually, it’s a blank login and password.

You can also create a new login by selecting New credential.

Specify a unique identifier for the login in the Alias field. This identifier will be displayed in the list of logins. Thus, you’ll be able to select the same login for many sensors (actions, notifications).

Then enter the Username and User password and confirm the creation of the new login by clicking Save.

You can also assign a login when adding sensors (actions, notifications) to a device or a group by clicking the Node has no explicit credentials warning. This must be done for those sensors that may require authentication (for example, for the check for file existence).