Information display settings

The displayed name for each device in the Network tree can be chosen in the Visualization mode menu on the Network tree toolbar.

By default, hostnames are displayed in the main field and IP addresses in the additional field:

Only values displayed in the main field are used when searching in the network tree.

Main field

The value displayed in the main field serves as the device name. One of the four main device properties can be displayed as the device name: network name, IP address, MAC address, alias.

If the Alias is set as the device name, you can rename devices from their properties.

Additional field

An additional value can be displayed in the Network tree for every device. One of the following can be selected: IP address, MAC address, alias.

Sorting the nodes

To the right of the Visualization mode, select the sorting criteria: nodes can be sorted either by the displayed device names or by the additional field values, with an option to reverse the sorting order.

Filtering the sensors

The displayed sensors can be filtered by their current status and severity using the checkboxes in the bottom right part of the widget.

Here on the left, you can collapse and expand the group nodes.