Database support

Network Olympus uses the PostgreSQL database to store information.

Database access can be provided during the installation of Network Olympus.

To setup the connection to an external database, you must provide an account username and password.

Working with PostgreSQL

Comes bundled with Network Olympus.

Suitable in most cases. Installation doesn’t require any additional actions from the user.

The Network Olympus installer will prompt you to set the administrator account parameters for the installed database cluster. This data may be needed later if migrating to another DBMS becomes necessary.

The PostgreSQL server uses TCP port 5432. Before installing, make sure that this port is not taken by any other application.

Windows Firewall rules will be created automatically.

Uninstalling Network Olympus will lead to the deletion of the Olympus database and the uninstallation of PostgreSQL. In order to be able to preserve and then restore your database on a new installation, create a backup before uninstallation.