Creating sensors

To create a new sensor, use the context menu of the device or group in the Network tree.

You can also create sensors when building monitoring scenarios.

A special wizard is used for sensor configuration.

The first step involves the selection of a network node for monitoring.
If the node is already selected, this step will be automatically skipped, but you can return to it if you need to select a different node.

On the second page, select the sensor type.
Use the four tabs to browse between sets of sensor types grouped by modules.

Some sensors may request login information for authentication on the remote device.

If the corresponding logins are not found, the wizard will prompt you to add a new login.

For more information about how it works, see the Authentication section.

On the final step, you will be asked to set the parameters of the selected sensor, including its severity level.

You can also configure the periodic execution of the sensor using the Task scheduler here.

By default, the sensor is configured to run every minute starting from the moment the configuration is complete.

To view the complete list of existing sensors and information about them and to manage them, use the Sensor list widget located on the Sensors panel.