Scan wizard

The Network scan wizard allows you to find your network devices and add them to the monitoring project.

First, indicate the address range to be scanned. To add a new range, press Add new range (+) and enter the first and the last addresses in the range into the fields Start IP address and End IP address respectively, then press OK. After scanning, the address range will be automatically added to the List of ranges.

In the current version, a limitation on the number of IP addresses (5000) scanned simultaneously is in place.

To remove an address range from the list, select the line with the ranges in the list and press Remove range (-). To completely clear the list of ranges, press Clear.

Also, you can define additional scanning parameters:

  • Select ICMP ping or ARP ping to set the network device scanning method.
  • Tick the Use both scan methods box to use both of the scanning methods.
  • Specify the Retry Count value to set a limit on attempts for rescanning a network device.
  • Specify the Timeout value to set maximum timeout (in milliseconds) for network device responses.
  • Tick the Resolve host names box to automatically convert IP addresses of a network device into host names.
  • Tick the Scan new devices only box to only search for new network devices, i.e. the ones absent in the current monitoring project.

Press Next to start scanning. This will bring up a window with the scanning process and new network devices displayed in real time:

Initially, Total Network Monitor pings each network address from the set range and then builds a list of devices that responded to the ping. After, Total Network Monitor receives physical addresses for each of the devices and their host names, where necessary.

Detected devices are added to the list divided into the following columns:

  • IP address: the network address of the device;
  • Ping type: scanning method that detected this device;
  • Host name: device host name (displayed only if the Resolve domain names option is selected);
  • MAC address: the physical address of the network device;
  • Info: stage of scanning.

The progress bar displays the percentage of completion of scanning.

To force stop the scanning process, press Stop. Press Next (wait until the button appears), to display scan results:

First, specify the Group name. All detected devices will be added to the specified group. In the Devices list you can uncheck the devices which are not to be added to the monitoring project.

The device list is divided into the following columns:

  • IP address: the network address of the detected device;
  • Host name: device hostname;
  • Existence: checks if the physical address of the device is already in the monitoring project.

After selecting a device in the device list, you can define the following parameters:

  • Device type: select an appropriate device type from the drop-down list.
  • Device Name: enter a device name, for further use in the monitoring project.
  • Description: enter a description for the device.

Tick the Update the properties of the previously found devices box to update the parameters for the existing devices.
Press Finish and all selected devices will be added to the project. They will appear in the Network tree in the group that you had specified.