Monitoring log and statistics

For the purpose of network monitoring, it’s necessary to keep records of all performed sensor checks and actions.

Sensor check logging

Total Network Monitor tracks all working monitors and records any necessary information about the executed checks into the monitoring log. Any color (state) change is recorded in All monitors log in the following fashion:

All monitors log is divided into the following columns:

  • Time stamp: date and time of the color (state) change;
  • Monitor event: monitor information, including its name, the name of the device, the IP address of the device and the port number used as a sensor parameter (if the port number is 0, then it is not used as a parameter);
  • Result: text description of the result of the sensor check.

Current monitor’s log contains information about the sensor checks performed by the monitor:

Statistics and Activity diagram

To process the log data, statistical tools are available in Current monitor’s activity. Statistics display time of the first run and time of the latest check by the selected monitor, and the number of times the monitor has been in different states.

Activity diagram is a separate tool that graphically shows results from the selected monitor. The diagram consists of areas of single monitor color (state). Selecting one of the color areas displays the time period when the monitor was in that state.

By default, the Activity diagram shows states from the time when the corresponding monitor was created. In the drop-down menu above the diagram, you can choose to only display states from one of the predefined periods: last 3 days, last week, last month, or 3 months. The Activity diagram history can be cleared by clicking the button above it.

Action log

Total Network Monitor records each executed action into the Executed actions log:

The Action log is divided into the following columns:

  • Time stamp: date and time of the color (state) change;
  • Action event: action information, including its name and its monitor’s;
  • Result: text description of the executed action.

Each log can be exported to text, HTML or XML using the context menu.