Main menu

The main menu allows access to all program features and enables the management of separate elements of the monitoring project.


  • New project: creates a new monitoring project, with the previously opened project being saved and closed.
  • Open project: displays a dialog box to select and open an existing monitoring project.
  • Save project as…: displays the dialog box for saving the monitoring project into a file selected by the user.
  • Exit: stops the current monitoring process, closes the project, and exits the program.


  • Tree view: switches to the Network tree and Monitor list view.
  • Map view: switches to the Network map view.
  • Synchronize views: allows synchronization of the network tree structure with the network map (in other words, a group or a device is marked on the map when selected in the tree).
  • All monitors log: switches to the general monitoring log.
  • Current monitor’s log: switches to the monitoring log for the selected monitor.
  • Current monitor’s activity: switches to the activity diagram for the selected monitor.
  • Executed actions: switches to the general log of executed actions.
  • Export log to file: exports the monitoring log to a text file.
  • Export log to HTML: exports the monitoring log to HTML.
  • Export log to XML: exports the monitoring log to XML.
  • Language: allows you to select the program interface language from the list.


  • Add group: displays a window for adding a new group and choosing its title.
  • Remove group: removes the selected group from the Network tree.
  • Group properties: displays the window with group properties.
  • Add device: displays a window for adding a new device, defining its name, type, network address, and adding a description.
  • Remove device: removes the selected device from the Network tree.
  • Device properties: displays the window with device properties.


  • Add monitor: displays a window for adding a new monitor, defining its name, type, sensor frequency, and some other parameters.
  • Remove monitor(s): removes one or more monitors.
  • Monitor properties: displays the monitor properties.
  • Cut: cuts one or a number of selected monitors from the device.
  • Copy: copies one or a number of selected monitors.
  • Paste: pastes the monitors that were cut or copied into the selected device.
  • Check now / Run: runs the selected monitors.
  • Pause: pauses the operation of the selected monitors.
  • Stop: stops operation of the selected monitors.
  • Enable actions: enables all actions of the selected monitors, allowing their execution in case the monitor changes its state.
  • Disable actions: disables all actions of the selected monitors, which prevents their execution in case the monitor changes its state.
  • Add action: adds one action with the same parameters for all the selected monitors.
  • Check all monitors: runs all monitors.



  • User manual: opens the documentation (in CHM format).
  • Online documentation center: opens the online version of the documentation.
  • Check for updates: connects to the developer’s server and checks the current version of the program (requires direct access to the Internet). If a new version is available, TNM offers to start downloading (the default download manager will be used).
  • Visit product homepage: opens the program’s webpage in the default browser.
  • Upgrade license: opens the store webpage, from where you can order additional copies of the program.
  • Enter license key…: opens the form where your license name and key should be entered.
  • About: opens a window containing the information about the program version, registered user name and license type (or information about the unregistered version), copyright, and useful links to the Softinventive Lab’s website.