Inspecting a software item

Select one or several software items in the Software list to inspect them in the Details panel.


Click Add tag in the header of the Details panel to assign a tag to a software item. From the menu, choose one of the available tags or add a new one. A corresponding tag icon will appear as an indication that the tag has been assigned (it will appear in the software list as well as in the Details panel).

You may assign an arbitrary number of tags to a software item. You may also assign a tag to multiple software items at once by first selecting them in the software list.

To remove a tag from the software, click the on the tag icon.

To delete a tag completely, you have to remove it from all software items that have it. An easy way to achieve this is to use the Tag filter to select all such items and then remove the tag from all of them at once.


The Details panel opened in the Installation mode displays a complete list of installations of the selected software and contains the following information: 

  • Computer where a copy was discovered; 
  • Installation date
  • Date of detection by TNI;
  • Comment: you may add an arbitrary comment to any installation of any software.

The text displayed in the Computer column is the same as in the Network tree. Use the Network tree display menu to change it.

The search bar allows to find installations by computer or by previously added comment.


Click On selected computers and make a selection in the Network tree to narrow down the installations list. Click All installations to clear the filter.

You can select any number of rows and press Ctrl + C to copy them in plaintext format.

Click Installations summary for a quick printable report on all displayed installations.


Select Comment in the list of Details panel modes. A text field will appear on the right. You can type arbitrary text in it and it will be attached to the software item when you switch away.

An icon in the software list indicates the presence of a comment. Hover over it to read the comment. Click it to go to the comment editor.

To delete a comment, simply erase the text.

Additional features

To quickly find out about unfamiliar software, click Google this software on the bottom-left.

If the publisher has specified the software website, the link will be available on the bottom-left.



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